is coming

We got a new Shirt Design.
The "Life and Death"
shirt motive is soon available.

Get yours!

Our first album "Queen of the Night" was released in april 2020 and we get a lot of positive response from all around the world. Thank you guys for this!

But we don't want to rest on it. We'll already work out something new for you guys. A little patience is necessary these days, but we promise it's worth to stay tuned. And as long the corona crisis last, we do our best to get ready for the day the clubs open their doors and we will meet again.

Until then, stay heavy, friends!






DEPRAVED ENTITY is a five headed classic metal band,
based in Hagen, germany. Build in late 2016 and with some changes in the early days of drummer and bassist, our bandsetup finally consists of vocalist Dave, the guitarists Phil and Matthias, Raphael on drums and Tobi on the bass.


we have made it our mission to bring the primal and pure
form of heavy metal back on stages, just because it was the kind music that shaped us over the years to what we are now: passionate metalheads! This doesn't mean that we copy or cover the style of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or anyone else from the past. Depraved Entity is going its own way, inspired by music from decades for the younger and older genarations living and loving heavy metal.

The open air show "Burn'D Born" on the 25th of Juli THIS YEAR
in Unna will happen!

It's free and you can swim in the outdoor pools until the end.


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