NOV. 2021

Mario joined the band on the guitar











AUG. 2021

Phil left the band












AUG. 2021

organizes its own festival "borne to be loud"











MAR. 2021

released a musicvideo to "Black Rose"










OKT. 2020

got a review in the Rock Hard-Magazine







MAY. 2020

reached 500 Facebook follower







APR. 2020

"Queen of the Night" Album release











SEP. 2019

become "BOBs Frischling des Monats" on Radio BOB
with our song "fuck you, goodbye"











APR. 2018

played the first show on the "newcomer band meeting" in Schwerte










FEB. 2018

Raphael joined the band on the drums











DEZ. 2017

Tobias joined the band on the bass












FEB. 2017

Ellen and Yara left the band











NOV. 2016

Band formation